My interview on Doughnut Run (video below)

A big thanks to the talented Australian DJ & producer Ahmer Atasever for taking me on this Doughnut Run. Ahmet  has interviewed some of best DJ's in the trance music scene. Musicians such as Richard Durand, Sean Tyas, Binary Finary, Darren Porter, Ben Nicky, Airwave, Roger Shah and many more.

This interview was definitely a very touchy subject when in comes to females in the music scene. As some of you may know that I started of as an R&B DJ back in 2001. I started very very young when I was in my mid teens. Oh those were the good times.

I remember the 00's being a great time if you wanted to be involved in the music scene. You could dress how you like, play what you wanted and was never put on this pedestall as a female. To be perfectly honest there wasn't that many female DJs back then.

When I moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2007 , I did continue my career as a DJ on the weekends, whether it be in pubs, clubs, functions & weddings ect, I enjoyed each and every single minute of it.

2013 rolled around and I was at my peak as my formally known artist name "DJ Claz". Well at least I thought I was. I toured quite a lot in 2013 mostly around places such as Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, New Caledonia and the rememberable festival in Malysia "Carlsberg Wheres The Party 2013 which included artists such as Miss Nine, Cazzette, DJ Eva T & moreAs the years were passing by I began to realise that female DJs were only getting booked for their looks and sex appeal not their talent. After sells right?  If you didn't have washboard abs, fake breasts, long hair, big lips and a slim figure you were no longer worthy in the eyes of club promoters anymore.

I had applied for so many agencies in Australia. One particular that I wanted to join and thought I would of done an amazing job was Lucky Ent. after receiving an email back saying that I am not marketable. I was basically being told to lose weight, grow my hair, get botox if I wanted to continue my career touring as a DJ then Kylie Jenner should be my "goals". I sadly backed out as I didn't want to change as a person and bow down to peer pressure just to showcase my talents that I had been working so hard ever since 2001.

In 2015 I finally felt like I was going back to my roots as I have loved trance music ever since the late 90's which was introduced to me by my dad. Yes he is a real party animal. All I can say is that I have been myself, I have never had to change who I was as a person on the outside or the inside just to be deemed fit to be in the trance scene. I fell as if they have welcomed me with opened arms.

I am proud of having the pleasure of working with the most talented and respected DJs & producers in the trance and EDM scene. 


I wont look back.



Clara Yates


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